Dagmar Radmacher
Those Who Intend To Leave Have Already Gone
Site Specific crochet Installation and unravelling performance lasting 4 hours over 2 days, 2017

The temporary nature of a festival, temporary shelters, tents. Exposure to the elements. Rain. Wind. Of being elsewhere already, thinking about the inevitable onward journey. Leaving behind. All kinds of things. Some still sticking to the soles of your shoes. Dancing in the rain. Dancing in the wind. I will unravel you. First you like it. Then you don't. The eyes looking in, do they feel first your joy, then your despair. Is it a shame to be rolled up to become something else? Possibly, some time in the future. Or not. Remain rolled up. Refugees live in tents. As do festival goers. Some glamp. Some have all their possessions burnt. Some die with their belongings still in tents. Some get violated. Some spend all their lives in the temporary.

'Those Who Intend To Leave Have Already Gone' was curated and commissioned by Henriette Nørmark for Heartland Festival.